Floe Versa-Max UT Trailer – Review

The concept of Incrementalism is one of the most powerful forces in our universe. Small changes happen incrementally over time and before you realize it – your goose is cooked. In my latest example of incrementalism, I went from getting a Polaris Ranger on a writer’s loan to owning one, to now needing a trailer to haul the thing around. How the heck did that happen? Upon realizing I needed a trailer, I began my typical process of obsessive-compulsive levels of research, exploring every available option, and ultimately selected the Floe Versa-Max UT. Here’s a full review of the Floe Versa-Max UT trailer.

Trailer Search Criteria

In starting my trailer research, I had some specific search criteria. First, it needed to fit my Ranger Crew, which is a long UTV. A 14-foot trailer is the perfect size for the Ranger Crew, (or any other current crew-sized UTV). It also needed to support the weight. My Ranger is a Northstar edition and a little heavier than a typical single-axle trailer will comfortably support, so I needed a tandem-axle trailer. I wanted something low-maintenance and durable, so I wanted all aluminum construction. Finally, I wanted something high-quality. I will be taking this trailer on Western Hunts, and the last thing I want to worry about is whether or not a trailer will make the trip.

Floe Vers-Max UT 14.5-79 with Brakes Trailer

I looked at every conceivable trailer model available and ultimately chose the Versa-Max UT trailer from Floe. While other trailers checked several of my boxes, most looked like something I could knock together over the weekend if I had a TIG welder and had paid a little more attention in high school welding class. In terms of features and design the Floe trailer was on a different level entirely. Let’s check it out.

Versa-Max UT Overview and Core Features

First, it’s important to note that in Floe’s Versa-Max UT lineup, there are several sizes to choose from, starting with a 10.5-bed, single-axle trailer. The model I chose is their largest, a 14.5′ bed, tandem axle trailer with brakes.

All Versa-Max UT trailers feature a 79″ bed width and a common set of features that include:

  • Heavy duty tailgate ramp. The ramp offers a low-profile bifold design and the ability to fold into the bed for less wind resistance when towing the trailer empty.
  • A unique, 3-position tilting bed allows for loading low clearance vehicles like lawnmowers, as well as a full tilt dump mode for unloading dirt, mulch, and other loose material.
  • A track system with infinite tie-down points. I like how easy it is to move the tie-down points!
  • All aluminum construction
  • Concealed LED Lighting
  • Galvanized axel and torsion suspension.
  • Heavy-duty integrated side steps for accessing your bed
  • Heavy-duty swivel tongue jack.
  • Premium alloy wheels with radial tires

Versa-Max UT Optional Features

Once you’ve selected the Versa-Max trailer size and towing capacity that best suits your needs, you’ll have some decisions to make on optional features, including:

  • Side kits Available in 11″ and 25″ heights. The 11″ side kit allows you to open the door on a Ranger while on the trailer. The 25″ front offers excellent protection for your machine when towing.
  • Side load ramps – Available on the 12.5′ and 14.5′ trailer is great for loading an ATV sideways in the front of the trailer.
  • Custom D-Rings- Offer additional solid tie-down points and work with the existing Versa-Track system.
Versa-Max UT with Polaris Ranger
The heavy-duty tailgate ramp on the Versa-Max UT makes loading the trailer easy. I also appreciate the bi-fold design that can fold into the trailer bed if you tow the trailer empty.
Versa-Max UT LED Lights
Smart design features like these protected LED taillights are a big plus.
Versa-Max UT with Polaris Ranger
The 25″ front is a nice protective option if towing a UTV.
Versa-Max UT tie down points
The Versa-Track tie-down system lets you place your tie-down points exactly where you need them. Also shown are the optional D-ring tie-down points that work with the Versa Track system.
Versa-Max UT side loading a ATV
I built my trailer to include the optional side load ramp, where two of the side panels are a heavy-duty ramp. This allows for side-loading one ATV in the front and loading a second machine in the rear.

Flow Versa-Max UT Final Thoughts

The Floe Versa-Max UT trailer is a little more expensive than other options that you might find, but after using this trailer for a while now, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better value for your money. The innovative design and high-quality construction make this trailer a smart buy and well worth the price tag.

Versa-Max UT Trailer by Floe – Price Varies by Model and Optional Features Selected

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