Top Accessories for your Polaris Ranger

Every job has its perks. This job provides the benefit of testing out a plethora of hunting gear. When Polaris offered me the opportunity to demo their top-of-the-line Ranger model, I jumped at the chance. Little did I know, there was a stroke of marketing brilliance behind this offer. It turns out, that letting someone use a Ranger for an entire hunting season fosters a deep attachment to the idea of owning one. And you guessed it, I purchased a Ranger after returning my demo unit. Well-played, Polaris!

Upon receiving my new machine, I quickly realized that accessorizing my Ranger to suit my specific needs was essential. After extensive research, plus a little trial and error, here’s our curated list of top accessories for the Polaris Ranger to turn your machine into the ultimate hunting UTV.

Polaris Ranger: Auxilary Lights

My demo unit came with a Rigid Light mounted to the roof. I liked the quality and the amazing light output from the Rigid light. I did not like the roof mount location. The writer who had my demo machine before me ripped the light bar right through the plastic of the roof and then jury-rigged a repair. In stock form, branches slide easily over the plastic roof of the unit. I would not advise a roof mount light bar if you spend any time running through treelined trails. Especially, when the Ranger’s front bumper offers an ideal location for an auxiliary light.

The Rigid SR-Series 10 in. Combo LED Light Bar is an ideal choice. It combines flood and spot optics to throw 7,920 lumens as far as 1912ft. If you want to light up the trails for safe nighttime operation, this model throws an amazing amount of light, it was easy to install and looks pretty-darn cool.

Rigid® SR-Series 10 in. Combo LED Light Bar mounted on a Polaris Ranger
The Rigid SR-Series 10 in. Combo LED Light Bar.

Polaris Ranger: Rear Bumper

The Ranger comes well-protected in the front of the vehicle. The backend, not so much. And depending on your use case, maybe that’s ok. My Ranger will spend time on trails and off-trail in the woods. As it’s a crew model, it is a long vehicle and doesn’t turn on a dime. If I ever needed back into some small trees to turn the machine around, I wanted to do so without damaging the rear end. I did extensive research and I’m convinced that this model from DRT Motorsports is one of the best available.

The DRT Ranger bumper is super heavy-duty and supports the addition of a rear winch. I love the integrated lights that go on when you put your Ranger in reverse, and it just looks great on the vehicle.

DRT Ranger Bumper
Polaris Ranger XP1000 Rear Winch Bumper from DRT Motorsports. Note: the lights will require a wiring harness that is sold separately, but it’s easy to wire from there.

Polaris Ranger: Gun Rack

This was a tough one. There are numerous options for gun racks, holders, and cases that will work for the Polaris Ranger, but I struggled to find one that I truly liked. I settled on one of the least expensive solutions. I installed this Kolpin Rhino Grip XLR Bar Mount on the grab handle behind the front seat. So far I think it’s working great.

It is a perfect spot to carry my over/under to my next grouse hunting spot. Of note: I purchased some leather and made a makeshift cover so the rubber does not rub against the wood or bluing of my gun. It’s probably unnecessary, but a little extra protection never hurts.

Kolpin Rhino Grip

Polaris Ranger: General Accessories

Phone Mount

If you use your Ranger for hunting, a phone mount to view your onX Hunt app is a must-have accessory! I found an inexpensive cup holder mount phone holder that works with the Magsafe magnet in your iPhone. It stays put, but it pops right off when you arrive at your hunting spot and want to slip your phone into your pocket. It also supports wireless charging.

onX Hunt on phone in utv


The demo unit I had did not have side mirrors installed. I constantly looked for side mirrors while backing the vehicle, especially when using the Ranger to launch my small fishing boat. Side mirrors were the first accessory I installed on my Ranger. There are a variety of options available. I chose the mirrors from Polaris. They are a little more expensive but match the vehicle nicely and are good quality.

polaris ranger mirrors

Spare Tire Carrier

Flat tires happen. The Soo Line trail near my camp is notorious for sharp rocks that can cause a flat tire. If you take your Ranger any distance, carry a spare tire. This model from Aprove works great, looks nice, and is inexpensive.

Polaris Ranger spare tire carrier

Rear Mud Guards

These rear mudguards from Grizzz-Tek help prevent dirt and mud from getting into the battery and fuel tank areas in the rear area of your machine and make cleaning a lot easier. The mudguards are well made and installation is easy. This is a must-have for current model Rangers.

Grizzz Tek rear mud guards

Other accessories for your Polaris Ranger

Here are a few other accessories to consider for setting up your Ranger for the work, woods, and trails.

Tire Repair and Recovery

Safety Gear

Protective Gear

Polaris Ranger Accessories Final Thoughts

No two Polaris Rangers remain identical for long. With a blend of official Polaris accessories and offerings from various specialty manufacturers, you can customize your Ranger precisely to your liking. Outfitting your Ranger is one of ownership’s most enjoyable (albeit costly) aspects. It involves determining how you plan to utilize the vehicle and sourcing the perfect accessories to make your Ranger even more suited to the task at hand.

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