Top Turkey Hunting Vests: Gear up for your Gobbler!

If you like gear and gadgets, you’ll love turkey hunting! Between turkey calls, decoys, locator calls, brush pruning shears, a Thermacell, ammo, binoculars, and assorted other gear, we carry a lot of stuff in the turkey woods. You will need a good vest to organize and hold it all. Plus, turkey hunting is a ground game. Your vest doubles as your chair and backrest. After calls and your shotgun, your turkey vest is your most critical piece of turkey hunting gear. Let’s look at the best turkey-hunting vests available today to help you select your ultimate turkey-hunting vest.

Chief Upland NWTF Edition Flydown Collection Turkey Vest – All-in-Bundle

NWTF Edition Flydown Collection turkey vest system from Chief Upland is perhaps the most unique turkey vest on the market today. It features a completely customizable storage system, the iconic Mossy Oak® Original Bottomland® camouflage pattern, and the familiar NWTF logo on the shoulder strap. The Flydown Turkey Vest System’s innovative seat pad is lightweight, durable, and equipped with multiple clip options to eliminate the hassle of awkward twisting. Seat straps can clip to the front and sides for easy stowing. Customize your vest storage options for a stealthy sit or a run-n’ gun hunt and change it again.

With each purchase, hunters receive a complimentary 1-year NWTF membership (a $35 value), contributing directly to vital conservation efforts.

$339 – Chief Upland

ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest

The ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest is a top-tier option for hunters who demand durability and functionality. The Alps vest features a box call pocket, slate call pocket, striker pocket, and a removable padded seat for added comfort during long waits. The customizable pocket configurations make it a versatile choice for hunters who prefer to organize their gear according to their specific needs. My favorite feature on this vest is the innovative kickstand design for added back support.

$190 – ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam

Sitka Gear Equinox Turkey Vest

For a perfect blend of innovation and quality, the Sitka Gear Equinox Turkey Vest is a standout choice. The Sitka Equinox vest features a minimalist design. This vest is lightweight and not too bulky, if you’re a “run and gun” turkey hunter who likes to carry just the essentials, this vest is an excellent choice.

$269 – Sitka Gear Equinox Turkey Vest

Final Rise Summit Turkey System

The Final Rise Summit Turkey System is engineered for the hunter who values efficiency and mobility. With a focus on lightweight design, this vest incorporates a super comfy seat, and you’ll appreciate the weight-bearing waist belt if you have to haul your gobbler any distance. The ample storage space and thoughtfully placed pockets make it a reliable companion for the avid turkey hunter.

$325 – Final Rise Summit Turkey System

Nomad Kill In’ Time Turkey Vest

If you need to carry a lot of stuff and keep it organized, you’ll appreciate the 28 general and specialized pockets in this vest from Nomad. You name it, Nomad has a special pocket for it in this vest. This vest also features a thick stadium-style seat cushion with magnetic attachments.

$230 – NOMAD Kill In’ Time Turkey Vest

Primos Will Primos Turkey Vest

Primos has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality hunting gear, and the Will Primos Turkey Vest is no exception. Plus, Will Primos has likely killed more turkeys than anyone on the planet, at this point, so he knows what works in a turkey vest. This vest combines functionality with comfort, featuring a padded back cushion and a variety of pockets for essential gear storage. The customizable pocket system ensures that your calls and accessories are always within easy reach.

$199 – Primos Will Primos Turkey Vest

Top Turkey Hunting Vests Final thoughts

All of these vests excel in both quality and features. The ideal vest will come down to the fit, feel, pocket layout, and specific features that matter most to you. Order your top choices, try them on, and load them up with what you typically carry in the field. Pay attention to comfort, call accessibility, where the straps fall on your shoulders. And, maybe most important – is the seat comfortable? After trying a couple on for size, your ultimate turkey hunting vest choice will become clear.

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