Gift Ideas for Hunters

Let’s face it, it can be really hard to buy gifts for hunters. Hunters tend to have strong preferences and very different needs for specialized equipment. Plus, it’s hard to know what gear a hunter already has or will value. If you have a hunter on your gift list, HuntTested is here to help. Here’s our carefully curated list of top gift ideas that the hunter on your gift list will love.

General Hunting Gifts

Here’s some fail-safe gifts that every hunter could use and will absolutely appreciate.

  • Knife – One of the most common Viking proverbs was “Knívleysur maður er lívleysur maður” which translates to “The knifeless man is a lifeless man”. Times aren’t quite so tough right now, but every hunter on your list would still appreciate this Norwegian made Helle Knives – Utvaer – $225 – Helle Knives.
  • Flash Light – Every gift list I write will always have a flash light on it. You can always use another quality flashlight. This year our choice is the awesome STREAMLIGHT 88085 ProTac HL-X USB. It’s is a high quality and rechargeable EDC light. – $95 – Streamlight. 
  • Small Axe – Swedish steel makes they best hatchets and axes. You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer one than the Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe. I’ve carried one all across the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on multiple trips and found this small axe to be infinitely handy – $225 – Gransfors Bruk.
  • Wool Blanket – A quality wool blanket is great for adding insulatation to a sleeping bag, for your emergency kit in your truck, or tons of other uses. The Pendelton Yakima Camp Blanket is a favorite – $189 – Pendleton.
  •  Wool Socks – When in doubt a pair of quality wool socks like Smart Wool’s Hunt Sock is always welcome. – $26 – Smart Wool.
  • Ammo – If you know a hunter’s favorite shotgun or rifle load, everyone can always use more ammo. Unsure what they use? Buy a brick of .22 rounds if you can find it. Federal Premium is a HuntTested favorite!

Gifts for Upland Hunters

  • Rinse Kit Pro 3.5 Gallon – I’m really digging the utility of having a pressurized rinse kit along on pheasant hunts. It’s super handy for rinsing birds before bagging them up and for cleaning your game shears. 3.5 gallons is more than enough to thoroughly rinse half a dozen pheasants.  – $324 from Rinse Kit
  • Upland Game Vest – Years ago I scratched up the finish on a Browning Citori from the metal buckle on an game vest. Since then, I only wear LL Bean’s excellent upland vest. It’s extremely well-made and there’s nothing on it that will scratch your gun. $109 – LL Bean.
  • Waterproof Upland Pants – Last year, I hunted pheasants all day in freezing rain. I was soaked and cold. This year I wore LL Bean’s excellent Tek Upland Waterproof Briar Pants and was warm and dry. Any upland hunter will appriecate a pair of these pants for the envitable cold and wet days. $179 – LL Bean.

Gifts for Big Game Hunters

  • OnX Hunt App – If you know anyone who isn’t using OnX, I’d be surprised, but if you have a “late-adopter” of tech on your gift list, buy them an Elite OnX membership. They’ll have complete access to all 50 states of private / public land ownership and a growing list of map overlay layers. More than anything I’ve tried in the last ten years, OnX has been a game changer for how I hunt. $29 per year for 1 state, $99 for 50 States – OnX Maps
  • Wool Shirt – You cannot beat wool. LL Bean’s heavy Maine Guide Shirt is my favorite wool hunting shirt and it’s been quite lucky over the years. $119 – LL Bean
  • Cellular Game Cam – A celluar game cam will keep a deer hunter entertained all year long, and they can always use another one. The Stealth Cam Fusion is a solid, moderately priced choice.  $144 – Stealth Cam

Gifts for Duck Hunters


Browning Buck Mark .22 – Custom Finished by Turnbull Restoration

Turnbull 22 pistol

For a hunter, there is perhaps no greater Christmas gift than a fine firearm under the tree. You cannot go wrong with Turnbull Finished Browning Buck Mark .22 Pistol.

The Buck Mark’s 5.5″ heavy round bull barrel shows Turnbull’s bone charcoal case hardened colors beautifully. The .22 pistol also benefits from such details as its crisp single-action trigger, full length Picatinny scope base, laminate cocobolo target grips, Pro-Target adjustable sights and suppressor ready threaded barrel. – $850 – From Turnbull Restoration.

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