Protect your Optic Investment: Top-Rated Bino Harnesses from Leading Brands

Bino harness, binocular pack, or whatever else you want to call them – They’ve become core gear for the big game hunter. After you’ve spent more than you paid for your first car on quality optics for hunting, it’s essential to keep them safe. A quality binocular harness will keep your glass out of the elements, protect it from damage, and keep it handy and secure while you’re hunting. This article details what to look for in a bino harness and provides a list of the best bino harnesses that are currently available from the leading brands.

What to look for in a Bino Harness

Here are some of the features you’ll want to look for in a quality bino pack.

  • Secure Protection: I once fell face-first over a log with my new Swarovski binoculars while elk hunting. I landed squarely on my binos. They came out of my tumble completely unscathed. I’m convinced that if I didn’t have them in a quality bino harness, they would have been damaged.
  • Protection from the Elements: While quality binos are tough, I prefer to keep them dry and as dust-free as possible. Additionally, while most bino packs are somewhat water resistant, many brands offer an optional rain cover to use if you’ll be hunting in rainy conditions.
  • Extra Storage: A quality bino pack is ideal for those small items you want to keep handy.
  • Ability to add Accessories: Many of the bino packs covered below have the option to add different accessory pouches for range finders, a handgun, cell phones, and other items.
  • Fit to your Frame: You’re going to be wearing your bino pack a lot, so it must fit your frame well. I recommend trying several models with your binoculars. See how the pack feels with the weight of your glass. Do the straps fit you well?  Be sure to try your bino harness on with your typical hunting clothes and with the hunting backpack that you’ll be using.
  • Sized to your Glass: Most models below are sized for the popular 10×42 size binoculars. They will work just fine for 8x32s as well. If you’re running glass larger than 10×42, you’ll want to make sure to select an extra large bino pack.

Items to Carry in your Bino Pack: (besides your binoculars)

I may drop my backpack to stalk in close sometimes, but I always have my bino pack on, and it’s nice to have some core items close at hand at all times. Here is a list of what I typically carry in my bino pack or in an attached accessory pouch.

  • Diaphragm calls
  • Cell phone
  • Wind indicator
  • Range finder
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Hunting license
  • Lighter
  • Compass
  • Small flashlight
  • Small knife
  • Handgun (if in bear country)

Top-Rated Bino Harnesses from Leading Brands:

Here’s our curated list of the highest quality bino harnesses that are currently available from top manufacturers.

Sitka Gear Mountain Optics Bino Harness

Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

Sitka’s reputation for premium hunting gear extends to their Mountain Optics Bino Harness. This model features integrated accessory pockets on either side of the main optics compartment. If you’re a fan of Sitka Gear, this is the bino harness for you!

Sitka – Mountain Optics Harness: $159

Alaska Guide Creations Classic Bino Pack

Alaska Guide Creations - Alaska Classic - Gen L

I’ve been using the Alaska Guide Creations Classic Bino pack for several years now. It features durable materials and quality construction. The optics compartment is well padded and seals well and this unit sports several accessory pockets.

Alaska Guide Creations – Classic Bino Pack: $126

Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Bino Harness

Mystery Ranch Bino Harness 10x

I have several Mystery Ranch packs and I’ve always appreciated their quality and attention to detail. That quality extends to their bino harness. This model is a minimalist design with quality padded shoulder straps.

Mystery Ranch – Bino Harness 10x: $139

FHF Gear FOB Bino Harness


The FOB Bino harness from FHF Gear is a durable and weather-resistant, fully enclosed bino harness. This model features a front-open bi-fold lid design with a quiet magnetic closure system. Laser-cut MOLLE panels on each side of the harness accept a range of accessories.

FHF Gear – FOB Bino Harness: $185

Kifaru Bino Harness

Kifaru Bino Harness
The Kifaru Bino Harness is shown with optional accessory pouches on the sides.

I’ve hard a Kifaru backcountry pack for over 20 years. It’s one of the toughest things I own. Kifaru is known for building toughness into their products and their bino harness is no exception. Available in multiple sizes with a variety of available accessories.

Kifaru – Bino Harness: $125

Kuiu Bino Harness

Kuiu PRO Bino Harness

Kuiu’s commitment to lightweight innovation shines through in their Bino Harness. This bino pack features a clean minimalist design and premium waterproof materials. This model fully encloses your optics, it is one-hand operable and dead quiet. If you’re going in light, this is the bino harness for you.

Kuiu: PRO Bino Harness: $119

Eberlestock Recon Modular Bino Pack

Eberlestock Recon Modular Bino Pack

Eberlestock is known for making high-end packs for backcountry hunters and special forces. This reputation for build quality extends to their Recon Modular Bino Pack. Beyond being a great bino pack on its own, Eberlestock offers the widest range of accessories that allow you to customize your Recon Modular bino pack for your unique hunting application.

Eberlestock: Recon Modular Bino Pack: $129

Badlands Bino XR

Badlands XR

The first Bino pack I ever tried was from Badlands and it served me well for several years. I appreciate their innovative design and quality construction. My favorite feature on this pack is the integrated range finder pouch with magnetic closure on the bottom, eliminating the need for a range finder accessory pocket.

Badlands – XR Bino: $170

Marsupial Gear –  Enclosed Binocular Chest Pack

Marsupial Gear Enclosed Binocular Chest Pack

Where many of the companies in this list started with backpacks or apparel and then added a bino pack to their line, Marsupial Gear started with the bino pack. It’s their core focus. Their Enclosed Binocular Chest Pack features a front folding magnetic lid design with sidewalls and overlapping wings to fully seal and protect your binoculars from the elements. This is an exceedingly well-made bino pack and should be on your list for consideration.

Marsupial Gear –  Enclosed Binocular Chest Pack: $135

Bino Harness Review – Final Thoughts

You really cannot go wrong with any of these top-tier binocular packs. They are all of superior quality and offer a range of features. For most hunters, the best choice is going to come down to fit, feel, and specific features. Review the list, order your top two or three choices, and try them on for size. See how they fit your glass and how easy it is to access your binoculars, and make sure that you like the straps. Once you’ve had a chance to try a couple on for size, your top choice will be clear.

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