Ruff Land Kennels Dog Water Dish

Every once in a while a product comes along that solves a problem that I didn’t realize I had. The Water Hole dog water dish from Ruff Land Kennels falls into that category. I’ve been a fan of their nearly-indestructible dog kennels for several years now. When I saw their water dish in action at a Northern Minnesota Grouse Camp last fall, I had to have one.

The Old Way

It’s a familiar drill. You make your hunting loop and return to the truck with your four-legged buddy, and hopefully a bird or two in your vest. You slide your big blue 7-gallon water jug to your tailgate and fill a shallow stainless bowl. Your pup proceeds to take a drink and manages to kick a bunch of dirt and grass into the bowl in the process. You empty the water bowl and repeat the process at the next field.

The Better Way

The Ruff Land Water Hole Water Dish is made of the same super tough material as their kennels. It holds up to a gallon of water. The dog water dish is portable, easy to fill, and has a special hose connector at the top to make both draining and cleaning the dish easier. It’s also available in a variety of colors. One of the benefits of the dish is its high sides. In our field testing, I noticed that the water in the Ruff Land water dish stayed much cleaner than my old water dish.

Ruff Tough Water dish
Ruff Land Dog Water Dish has deep sides to keep your water clean.

The biggest benefit of the dish is its ingenious design. When your dog is done drinking, simply flip the dish on its back and stow it in your truck. The design does a great job of keeping the water from splashing out. I’ve found that I go through a lot less water and it’s a lot less hassle to water my dog now.

Ruff Tough Water Dish ready for travel
Simply lay the dish on its back and you’re ready for travel

Do you need a $50 water dish? Probably not. But, you only need to see it in action once and I can guarantee that you’ll want one.

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